Can windshield be installed without connection?

Our technicians can use “shrink to fit” technique where window film is formed based on the form of rear window. This technique can be used to install window film on rear or front parts without connection.

Can window film be applied to all windows, including the overwritten one?

Window film can be used on most windows including insulated window. However, there are some limitations. This window film cannot be overwritten.

Does window film provide more protection when window breaks?

If the window coated with window film breaks, the film can prevent window from shattering. When window breaks, window film will lower damage on properties and human. Even, if window breaks, window film will maintain weather from outside until the window is replaced.

What are other strengths from Iceberg Window Films?

Iceberg Window Films can resist 99% of ultraviolet radiation. Conventional windows cause more than 150 times of UV radiation, the main cause of fading, weathering, and cataract. Iceberg Window Films can reduce 99% (for certain types) of infrared light.

What warranty can Iceberg Window Films give?

Iceberg Window Films provides 5 years of warranty to replace all damaged products. If an issue occurs, your car/vehicle can be brought to the nearest official dealer by showing the official warranty card of Iceberg Window Films, to be replaced based on the occurring damages.

How to clean window film?

It is suggested to let window film until 10 days so its glue really sticks to the window. Drying process varies, depending on weather and temperature conditions. To clean window film, it is important to use cleaner which does not contain Amonia. Amonia tends to destroy the anti-scratch layer and makes the film more vulnerable.

How to install window film?

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Value Added Iceberg Window Films

This technology uses 100% Carbon as its raw material processed with Nano technology producing the current clearest window film.