About Us

Iceberg Window Films is the latest innovation in Indonesian window film industry established and developed in 2000s. Iceberg Window Films’ products can be applied in Automotive, Housing, Commercial Building, and Yacht.

The additional value of “Moving Technology“ will bring quality and convenience to you in every activity aspect.

Iceberg Window Films is the latest FOURTH-generation technology in window film industry. Have the ability NIGHT VISION TECHNOLOGY.

Vision & Mission


Becoming one of trend-setter brands in Indonesian window film industry.


Providing the best service to Iceberg Window Films consumers and reinforcing all Iceberg Window Films outlet networks in Indonesia.

“Moving Technology”

  • With Night Vision Technology
  • With UV-400 Technology
  • Made in USA
  • All Indonesian Dealer Network
  • 5 Years Warranty
Window Film Products

ICE Series

The ICE variant of Iceberg Window Films is the most excellent product from all existing Iceberg Window Films’ variants.VIEW DETAIL »

UV-400 Series

Iceberg Window Films UV-400 Series is a type of film with maximum protection to reject dangerous ultraviolet light which can cause skin cancer and cataract, and other issues caused up to 400 nm.VIEW DETAIL »

Building Series

Iceberg Window Films effectively saves energy produced from air conditioner consumption, to control the heat due to sunlight. With its ability to reduce heat from direct sunlight up to 80%.VIEW DETAIL »

Value Added Iceberg Window Films

This technology uses 100% Carbon as its raw material processed with Nano technology producing the current clearest window film.