Latest Generation

“With Night Vision Technology”
Iceberg Window Films “With Night Vision Technology“ is the latest FOURTH-generation technology in window film industry. This technology uses 100% Carbon as its raw material processed with Nano technology producing the current clearest window film.

Maximum Performance

“Window Film with Maximum Performance”
The maximum performance of Iceberg Window Films is very feasible to be an automotive window film solution, home and building window film, and yacht window film.
Nano Carbon 100%
Infrared Rejection 99%
UV Rejection 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 91%

Value Added

“Iceberg Window Films as your Window Film Solution”

Max. Heat Rejected

Effective to reject heat and reduce blinding light to provide clearer vision from inside to outside (maximum clarity level).

No reflective & Metal

There is no reflective (mirror) and rainbow effect and metal particle details so lamp light and sunlight will not blind your eyes.

With Night Vision Technology

Clear and vivid vision from inside to outside and darker vision from outside to inside.

Elegan Colour

Producing more elegant colors, suitable with current trend development which is doff and solid black colors.

Save Money

Cost-efficient if applied or used on buildings and office towers.

Max. UV Rejected

Effective in reducing excessive lamp light or ultraviolet light when driving.

Max. Infrared Rejected

Protecting skin from excessive infrared light which can cause cancer.

Not Corrode

Iceberg Window Films does not corrode. It is very suitable for those who want a high-quality window film.

5 Years Warranty

Iceberg Window Films guarantees 5 years for each variant of window film.

Passed research & test

Iceberg Window Films is a custom window film which has passed research tests.

Safety Solution

As a solution of safety. The window applied with film from Iceberg Window Films will not shattered when breaking.

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